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Our Sevices

In today’s highly competitive environment, the accelerated reduction of ‘Time to Market’ is crucial for both products and, consequently, a company’s overall success.

Hence, the proper execution of regulatory affairs activities holds significant economic importance for a company.

Services in UAE: We provide assistance to Medical Device Manufacturers and Importers/Distributors in establishing connections with Health Authorities in the UAE.

Services in Europe: Building technical documentation, quality management audit and trainings.

Medical device and in-vitro diagnostic device is the science and set of activities related to the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects or any other medical-related problems.

Establishing a system in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.

We offer services in quality management, quality control, and quality assurance. Our expertise includes providing guidance on the implementation of Quality management system guidelines and ensuring full compliance

This encompasses storage operations conducted under various conditions for both pharmaceutical product storage and pharmaceutical transportation.

We provide guidance and support to healthcare companies in devising and executing innovative and internationally applicable regulatory strategies.

Accordion CaOur services encompass a wide range of offerings, including market research and analysis, as well as the development of effective strategies and tactics for launching new medical device and in-vitro diagnostic devices products and achieving successful market entry.ontent

A dedicated local sales department for your products



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